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Guide: How To Identify A Starview 4 USB Clone


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Thank you to Zemme for this guide, we asked permission before submitting this here, all credit goes to the author = Zemme.

This photo guide will help you identify a cloned Starview 4 USB.




Nice guide I seen him post it across all forums ;) There is also a certain batch of the early SV4 genuine models that have also been bricked by both the 1.10 and latest Beta firmwares.

It seems that the check that the firmware makes interprets these genuine boxes as a clone and bricks the bootloader. Not good when you have a "genuine" box.

The early genuine models look exactly as per the genuine photos above. The difference I have seen is where the Max232 connection is made is similar to the molex plug on the clone model and it is black instead of white.

Looks like you will see not only clones biting the dust, but some genuine models will suffer the same faith. If you see "Warning - this is an invalid box!" come up on screen after a firmware upgrade. Do not power down the box as it will die.
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