Guide to flashing when starview/usb displays 8882 message


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Guide to flashing when starview/usb displays 8882 message.
8882 displayed on your starview lcd panel means that the power to the usb interface has been disrupted and will not work the max232 fix not only allows you to update firmware as normal but also re-powers up your usb interface so it can be used as normal.

Items needed 1 MAX232 jtag found here this one requires older pc with a com port

Tailor-Made Circuits

You can get a MAX232 usb version for use with newer pc’s found on ebay

Software needed in downloads here

Unplug starview usb.
Remove the 3 black screws located on the back, now lift case lid off.

Inside you will see 4 pin jtag connector as in pictures. (For those who already have MAX232 cable CN1 pin outs are 1=V+, 2=Tx, 3=Rx, 4=GND).

Connect your jtag here and connect other end to pc via a serial cable.

Now we move on to flashing firmware.bin

Connect your starview usb back upto mains and make sure switch on back is set to off.

Run the program GTROM_TheBoxSuperUSB.exe. Click “Application Only” Button. Also select your com port.
Make sure com port baud rate is set to 115200 (if you dont know how to do this scroll to bottom of this writeup for instructions on how to set baud rate and com port)

Now click browse and Select firmware file TheboxSuperUSB_V1.07

Now click the “Download” Button.

During following proccess do not switch off pc or starview box .

Now switch “On” at the rear of box and downloading will now start

Ok now wait until It displays the download complete message.

After it’s finished downloading, the starview will auto reboot .

Job done update complete..

Extra info com ports and baud rate how to set up

To see which com port your adapter is connected to, connect your adapter and follow the following instructions:
1. Go to the Start Menu
2. Right click on "My Computer" in VISTA it's listed as "Computer"
3. Select "Properties"
4. Click on the "Hardware" (In VISTA just click device manager top left)
5. Click on "Device Manager in XP"
6. Click the + sign next to "Ports (COM & LPT)"
7. One of the listed ports should indicate which port your USB adapter is connected to (e.g. COM1, COM2, COM3, etc.)
8. To change baud rate or com port if listed above 4, right click your com port as listed then click properties

Picture below taken from vista xp may differ slightly.
Baud rate is bits per second change to 115200 click advanced if you need to change com port number select 1 to 4

This should help if anyone has 8882 problems

Dooby2oon :)


hi dooby if i buy the jtag is it easy to fix and download and will it sort out my usb super box because i have some stations but not the kiddies stations which is all i really want it for


Hi lads can anyone tel me what is the message 8888 then 8882 on the super usb box
I read the last few threads but got lost part of the way.
I can get some station on this box but not as much as on my old starview 2 even if i input the codes manually .thanks in advance :rock on:


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hi thetom i came across this from another site it may help you.

Fix For Error 8882
Use loader GTROM-V25 loader
1. Connect RS232 Null Modem cable between PC & Max 232 Adaptor
2. Open the lid of your sv4 and look directly behind the USB you will see a 4 Pin connector
Looking at this from front view pin 1 = vcc+ Pin2 =TX Pin 3 = RX Pin 4= Ground
3. Using your max232 Adaptor connect the Wires to corosponding pins Vcc to vcc Tx to Tx Rx to Rx Ground To Ground
4. Select Serial port COM 1 Etc Baud Rate Fixed As 115200.
5. Browse the BIN file to download and select File Type
6. Click "DOWNLOAD" first and turn the receiver power OFF/ON to download
7. After download completed ,wait another 30 seconds more until rebooting finished.

you will need a starview usb/Pansat 8882 fix max232 comes with cd instructions plus firmware check this site out

please take note the tom im not the author of the above points 1 to 7.and if you decide to go down this route then its your choice i just did a bit of research on the problem that you are having .
starview 4 clone serial cable for 8882 fix

Hi Guys anybody Know what serial cable is needed for the clone starview 4 8882 fix



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Hi Guys anybody Know what serial cable is needed for the clone starview 4 8882 fix


You should be able to use Tailor-Made Circuits

You would have to cut off end connector and eather clip or solder to clone socket or search maplin for end replacement to fit your board

Taylormade jtag outs
Red=v+ Blue=tx Yellow=rx Black=gnd

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CN1 pin outs are from left to right in your picture 1=V+, 2=Tx, 3=Rx, 4=GND


will this work if it displays the message and the usb wont work at all ie if you plug it in and it says not reconised!!
does this work with starview 5??

hi there can u tell me if this works with starview 5 as today while trying to update firmware on my box it froze and now box is having the 8882 error on the front of the box , iv had a look inside and the jtag is conected to a 9 pin male serail port:doh:

please can sombody help me sort this out misses is going mental as there was some films she wanted to watch tonight :doh::doh:

ps i got a female serail to usb coming to conect to pc


starview 4 shut down problem


My Starview usb 4 is having problems shuting down. is there any other firmware avalible (i all ready tryed the v1.12) for download for me to try?