Guitar Hero 5 lets you cram 4 drumsets into your living room


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By: Kevin Kelly

You already know Guitar Hero 5 is coming, but did you know it'll let you amass even more little plastic instruments? The new game offers the ability to create any combination of rock you want. Three microphones and one guitar? Okay. Two drummers and two guitars? No problem. Four drummers? Insane, but yes. We just hope that doesn't mean a Guitar Hero 5 Super Mega Ginormous Box Set: Limited Edition with four of everything is coming.

Also new to the game is RockFest, which has five competitive head to head modes that are playable "online or in your living room." Er, aren't most people online in their living room? Other tweaks: you can play the entire set list from the moment you pop the disc in, no more unlocking songs, and all of the Guitar Hero: World Tour DLC will be playable in GH5. Thanks for not locking us out of the music we've previously paid for.

Of course, there are some new songs coming as well. So check out the only two screenshots we've seen so far in the gallery below, and head over behind the break to peep the tunage.

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