Guitar teacher claims music games helping his business


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By: Ben Gilbert


Anecdotally speaking, the guitar teaching business has never been better for Bo Moore, a West Pennsylvania guitar teacher. Speaking with The Tribune-Democrat, he says, "We're so busy right now, and I think these games have been a big factor behind it," referring to the likes of Guitar Hero and Rock Band inspiring young musicians to pick up the real thing after playing the plastic equivalent. Quick, somebody tell Prince to chill out!

Moore says he's seen a 35 percent uptick in guitar lessons over the past two years, an increase he attributes to the mainstream ubiquity of Activision and EA's rhythm-based music games. In fact, around 80 percent of the over 100 students currently enrolled with him have taken to the guitar. Unfortunately for those teaching other instruments, business hasn't been so hot. Moore claims, from conversations he's had with other teachers, that business is down if you're not teaching the guitar. "We need more kids learning to play woodwind instruments ... we need more piano players," he says. The piece's author opines that titles like "Xylophone Xanadu" might help to push kids into other instruments, though we all know Sitar Hero is going to be the one to do it.

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