H2s running atv 5.1 (help)


Hi there everybody.this is my first official thread.ive recently bought an zgemma h2s running atv 5.1 which came installed.i need a dummies guide on how to put vm image on this I put a new hd freaks image on but haven't the slightest what to do.its very German??? Thanks in advance.just want it to look and mimic vm.
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If it's a H2S there are some great builds in the stickies at the top of the page. I thought VM was just for cable boxes though?


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There is no VM image, an image (operating system) is what your referring to ie OpenATV5.1
Then you have skins that can be loaded or downloaded from the plugin menu on to your receiver to make the it look like the real thing.
popular images are Openvix (great for first timers as softcams, autoboquets are preloaded)
OpenATV (theres a little more work to do setting this one up)
Then you have pre-built images that forum member's have set up and saved allowing you to download.
My advice would be to spend a few days reading some threads on here to familiarise yourself with the different images/skin set up etc.
You will get plenty of help on this forum, some very helful fiendly people on here:)

Have a look here at Kidda C's VM look a like skin

Edit: The model of receiver that you have purchased is a twin tuner for sat only, if you have a VM feed then you would best using a cable receiver to get the full HD package as sly is only in SD now.
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Thanks for your posts chaps.can I use cable on this box as I've been lead to believe I can I've hooked it up with an adapter so it goes in the terrestrial slot.


Yeah I've done that but I've flashed it with hd freaks after reading on here.just wanted to get vm skin and maybe just add the line.just haven't a clue how to set the image up... it had as I said came with open atv 5.1

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OK can anyone give me a link to the best image that is reliable and has a good vm skin so I could flash it with please.sorry to be a pain.was the open atv I had to begin with good ??? And have I overwritten this with the hd freaks I've flashed on it now ?????? Sorry for all the questions.


Thanks very much I'll try this as soon as I get back from work tonight.just want to say a big thanks to those who responded really appreciate it.and I'll be writing a review on this method.☺