Halo Chronicles reconfirmed as canceled, Microsoft still not speaking


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by Ben Gilbert { 1 hour ago }

After Peter Jackson told us last week, "That Halo project isn't happening," with regards to his not quite a game, not quite a movie, erm, thing, Halo Chronicles, we were still waiting for confirmation from Microsoft that the entire project is officially kaputz. And, well, we still don't know that. Speaking with Peter Jackson's manager, Ken Kamins, the Company Town blog further confirmed that on his side of the Pacific, the collaboration between Jackson and Microsoft (at the least) is over.

"They were scaling back everything, including the number of Halo games, and it just made sense at that point," Kamins said, allegedly referencing the January layoffs at Microsoft. Furthermore, according to Jackson's manager, "Peter [Jackson] has people in Wingnut Interactive working on original intellectual property." Wingnut Interactive is the studio born out of a partnership between Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh (his business partner), and Microsoft Game Studios. It seems as though Mr. Jackson might be working on some games of his own for now -- with or without Microsoft and, as it would seem, the Master Chief. Microsoft has yet to make any statement regarding, well, any of this.

From - Joystiq [Xbox]