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Hello everyone , I have been on this forum a while (s*y side of things) and have set up a number of S*y boxes for friends after looking at posts and help from the forum members but with the demise of CS on the S*y side I have been asked by a friend if I can set up a cable box for him.

I do not have cable so will be setting up most of it remotely at my house using satellite and tehm gpoing to his house to test it.

He has a Zgemma satellite box running Vix at the moment so I am looking at the Edision OS MINI 1x DVB-C/T2 + 1x DVB-S/S2 Linux Enigma 2 Combo Tuner Digital Receiver HD 1080p PVR from WoS and put Vix onto it

I will use Bees tutorial as it looks very good.

Questions I have are

Is the above Edison box suitable for keeping his existing S*Y subscription (Tuner A) and new cable subscription via (Tuner B)

What is a reasonable yearly sub for cable . I am hearing £70-£80

Does the cable sub go into the same place as the S8Y sub via filezilla.

Do I need an F type to RF adaptor to connect the output of the splitter to the input of the Edison box.

Apologies for so many questions but thanks in advance.



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Yes, you can use both a S*y line and a cable line on the box as long as they're in the same format - they simply go in the same newcamd.list / CCcam.cfg file under each other.

Cable subs can be got for much cheaper - take several tests and go with one that's suitable.

You wont be able to scan in any channels at your house without a cable connection.

You will need an F to RF adapter - WoS ordering page asks if you need one.


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maybe consider a twin cable tuner so he could watch and record and leave his zgemma in place for sat or freesat and thinking tv might have extra hdmi ports?
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