Help: My successfully createdNetwork mounts not working OpenATV 6.3


I have 3 Vu+Duo2's in my house -1 as server and the other 2 connects to server with Remote channel stream converter. I mount each hdd from each tuner so that I can access every hdd from each tuner.
Yesterday after upgrading each tuner to one of the latest versions of OpenATV 6.3 -12212020, I am unable to access my successfully created mounts.
I tried a clean install on all tuners too but didn't help.I get a message that says "directory/media/autofs/Harddisk/duo2 does not exist" when trying to access mounts from the Movie Center.
In other words, the network mounts that are successfully created, don't work when trying to access from the Movie Center
All my mounts are "green" and show ok but they just don't work anymore.
Usually mounting goes like a dream -using AUTOFS.
Mount type -CIFS -always works well but not anymore.
Any help wwill be greatly appreciated.


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Im no expert but Ive set up my mount using FSTAB with mount type CIFS share and it works a treat. Maybe try changing yours to use FSTAB


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He's using OpenATV 6.3 so shouldn't need a password unless he has set one.
I think he's using 6.4
He said earlier:
"Yesterday after upgrading each tuner to one of the latest versions of OpenATV 6.3 -12212020"
That date is too recent for 6.3


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What about adding nfs also as i remember a box would not load a mount with cifs/samba as always used it and then it would work.
Other boxes would also need NFS added and enabled to work.


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I have all mine connected and can access all boxes even the NAS but not used FSTAB.
5 boxes can view any recording from any device.