help needed for unlocking a nokia n8


i own a nokia n8 its stuck on orange and tmobile but i need it for o2 and 3 network can anyone help me out here
imei number is 357919043052836 nokia n8 on orange
your help will be appreciated
kindly help me im stuck with it


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also dont post IMEI number for security reasons. Just to be on the safe side - follow Linny's advice.


no pal - try searching around on google and see what you can find.
J i looked on google and although they say its free it costs you to do it, p[robably not much tho. I remember quite afew yrs ago i wanted mine unlocked and called a number and had to put in loads of details - that unlocked it. didnt cost me much.
my neice just had to pay £50 to unlock her iphone - now thats expensive but only apple can do it