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Satellite Help please.


Hi all, I am struggling to flash my H7s. It has been playing up for ages now and i really have no clue about these things. I have successfully flashed my old H2s and set this one up a year ago but i cannot get this piece of s**t to work. It would not let me flash online direct off the box.
I have flashed to the latest open atv 6.4. (downloaded to memory stick and plugged into the rear of the box) but i am not getting the wooshbiuld logo in the background. I have gone over the instructions on here but cant for the life of me see where / what i am doing wrong. If anyone is in the mid wales area please could you come up and sort it, i will pay for your time.
Is there a box that can record and does catch up that does not F***K up as much as this zgemma and is low to no maintenance.


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Box is flashed with Atv, woosh is an extra you add on is it not.

I just use openvix on my h7s and its plain sailing,recordings and ,never used catchup.


When i flashed the last one the wooshbuild logo came on on in the background automatically. I cant use any other so my provider tells me.