Help required adding CCAM.CFG file to Zgemma H2S box

Hi guys,

First of all massive apologies for probably the most newbie post on this site.

I have purchased a zGemma H.2.S box and also a 'gift code' with starts with 'CWS'. Is this a N-Line?

I have added the newcamd.list file to USR >KEYS

I have added the mg_cfg file to USR > KEYS

Every video i watch has a different 'SoftCam Manager' look on the menu, but i presume i should be in softcam panel.

When I select softcam panel (control your softcams) it says select cam 1 - no cam.

Does anyone have any ideas? I have managed to add the sky skin etc & am generally a tech noob so was gutted when I've fallen on the final hurdle!!

Any help hugely appreciated!!!

Thank you :)