Help required: StbEmu pro how to update to version 1.1.9


hi all

Got a 4K Firestick, downloaded StbEmu pro from Downloader app and used this url

When I install it I get message pop up saying new version found 1.1.9 and I get option to install or ignore
I click install but nothing happens it does not download.

Anyone know of other url that I could possibly use please, that I can download from Downloader and it will be the updated StbEmu pro version

Thank you guys
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I simply downloaded the new version online, then put it on my NAS and used Downloader to upgrade it straight from my NAS. It doesn't seem to add anything and has crashed a few times, so you may be better with 1.1.8


When I’ve downloaded from a few different url they download as version 1.1.3

The current one I’m using is also version 1.1.3

The weird thing is I installed StbEmu pro from the same url on my dad’s 1st gen Firestick and that allowed me to update to the current version 1.1.8 no problem
This stick is in the same house on the same network

So I have no idea as to why it won’t update on my 4K Firestick