Help with IPTV sports sub on my Zgemma


Hi everyone,

Pretty new to all this (day 3 with my zgemma h2s box) and after a bit of advice. I've been reading about the best way to get HD sports and 3pm KOs on a zgemma, and as far as I can work out I really need an IPTV paid sub. I realise it might not work as well on a h2s as it would do on a mag, but nevertheless I'm wondering what the best method might be... Including getting some kind of epg set up.

I tried installing kodidirect from the plugins list but it crashed my box and I had to re-flash the whole thing from scratch.

Anyone got any advice? Thanks in advance!


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I got a sub last night to watch the boxing on my h2s and it was great, £13 a month it costs. Ive seen cheaper ones £26 for 6 month


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Thanks guys for the responses, I'll take a short trial with one of the providers then and see how I get on.

Just wondering, is it always possible to get a decent epg sorted? Or does it depend on the provider? Also, what's the deal with resellers and original sources..? Is there a difference in the quality you get or something? How do you know if it's a reseller or an original? Might be better off asking this in the iptv forum...!

Thanks all