Help with Samsung TV CI+ CAM Slot


Hello all ..

First off sorry if this is in the wrong section? if so please feel free to move.

I've been using an OpenBox v8 for a number of years now (with gift) and though many channels have gone from Astra 28.2 :( there are still a few working that I use and recently I have bought a new Samsung TV that to the rear has a CI+ CAM slot so my question is which CAM or how do I get the TV to decrypt the scrambled channels via the CI+ CAM slot? ..

I don't expect channels to be decrypted that don't on my OpenBox V8 but surely I can decrypt the same channels with the right CAM inserted in to the TV that I can get with my (gift) on the OpenBox and if so what do I need?

I want to do away with the OpenBox and just use my TV if possible for a cleaner look ..

Any help will be appreciated.
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