Help with setting up a private server

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Dear users.

i am looking for help to setup a private server to share a sly uk card from a box across a private network to another 2 boxes and accross a VPN to a third box in the future.

i am happy to negotiate setting up costs with whoever is interested in helping.

i have no intention to monetize this as is for my own private use.''can someone get in touch with me to support on this?

i can buy whatever equipment necessary.

currently own a dm800hd pvr and just about to receive two dm900 4K boxes...

many Thanks



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Are you sure it is worth the hassle? For three boxes i would just buy the boxes and subs.


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£86 a month it's a lot of money when the bedroom boxes are used once a week if lucky and the office only when there is events as during the day is on bbc news!!

I am trying to reduce the monthly bill, and was under the impression that all I needed is a dream box with the main card and 3 remote boxes reading off the main over the internet!
Don't know What hassle is involved because I don't know how to do it, hence asking for help!

If too much hassle then oh well... probably end up as I am, but if easy enough I don't mind.

I have a dm800hd pvr and just received 2x dm900 4K

Becuase these can also be used as freesat boxes I thought it would be worth the investment regardless of the outcome of my not so legal adventure :-( ..

It Looks from the previous post that I shouldn't be asking these questions though... not sure what to ask on a forum that explicitly discuss these things lol...

Anyway, if anyone out there cares to
Explain what and how this works great if not, well... great as well.. no worries ;-)


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as mike says, it would be cheaper and far easier to just request subs in the correct section.

you have 3 boxes, even if theyre all in different houses youre talking around £75 per year or less for subs.

using your own server would cost you well over £1000 including yearly sub and power/ setup costs.
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