Hermes rant


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The funny thing is that Hermes are not the worst out there!!

Agree. A lot of couriers.and third party.ones out there.

Sent a pan set for my mom some time ago with third party company and they delivered to someone else. Refused to admit they did wrong and when came to claiming to get something money back the scum dragged it out for months.

So yes a lot out there that are as worst or more worse.


Somehow Hermes managed to "Lose" our new King Sized Mattress.....needless to say their Customer "Lack of" Service were absolutely useless.
Awful company


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Lol, I bet my lads skids are heading to Africa. I can see the kids dancing in the village big pi$$stain on the front.
On the subject of clothes going abroad, I always remember that picture were some big woman was in a crowd in Africa she was on the tele wearing a t-shirt that said something like:
The funny thing is that Hermes are not the worst out there!!

Debatable until yesterday for me.

By coincidence I was looking out the front window, all of a sudden a missile of some sort comes flying over our wall and smashes into our front door. I run out to see wtf's going on and it turns out to be an Amazon parcel.....the one which contains bloody light bulbs in it! I managed to catch the **** before he drove off. Package returned before even opening.