Herobox EX4 DV3 S2 + T2/C


Hello As I'm just starting out I've got myself a Herobox EX4 cause that's all I can efford ....only got freeview channel's so far ..to work ..what do I do next ..to get more channel's ..I've heard about this CCcam sharing ..stuff ..but dont know what to do next ...any help ..would be great ..thank's in advance ..


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From what i've seen of that box best thinking to do is put it i the bin
Then buy yourself a better box :smiley:


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Cant efford any other box's right now .So stuck with what I got .. Help to make it work ..better would be great ..Thank's
Are you connected to VM cable, Satelite or both?
that box isn't good but if you have a internet connection to it and you are connected to cable or sat, you should get some stuff