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Home computer
The cost of setting up a home computer in 1983 was, from left: printer $499, cassette recorder $59, central processing unit $1,000, modem $149 and graphics printer $995.


Walkman generation When music first became portable and cool. Here, two Sony vice presidents show off different models of the Walkman, the original on the left and the other Tiffany silver-plated.


Talking pictures Earl Dell Jr., 4, was excited about the experience of using one of the very first picture phones in December 1972. The phone was on display at the Museum of Science and Industry, touted as phone of the future.


Have music will travel Gerald Jones' boom box drew status in June 1986 from a passerby on State Street. "I don't like a little-bitty radio," he said. "I want something that goes over the traffic."


Small screen In time for Christmas in 1988 was the Sony Video Walkman with about 100 movies, including Mel Gibson's "Lethal Weapon," available in the 8 mm format.


Tools of a pirate As more and more homes subscribed to cable television in the 1980s, innovators found ways around paying for it. Here, Dale Johnson displays some of the equipment used to pirate programming.


DVD lineage Even before there was a VCR in every home, new home entertainment mediums were being created. Here, Ken Ingram, senior vice president of marketing and sales for Magnavox, demonstrates a video disc player in September 1979.


Cell phones getting smaller In just four short years, the cell phone went from fitting into a brief case to fitting into a a chassis the size of a brick. Here, Chicago businessman Ed Lang conducts business out and about in August 1989.


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