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Author: Skynergy
Date: 2010-05-30
Size: 1.33 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: Win All

You can work faster and more efficiently by using your keyboard instead of your mouse. HotKeyz is a keyboard utility that will boost your productivity and it is really great to use!

HotKeyz lets you easily create and maintain a categorized list of your hotkeys. Each hotkey, a key combination on your keyboard, will launch a command. You decide which commands go with which hotkeys. Some of these commands are internal HotKeyz commands and the rest are Windows commands. HotKeyz will help you to manage repetitive tasks on your PC with speed and minimal effort. Why is it faster? The conventional way to open a program on your PC is by pointing your mouse to the Window start button, clicking on the Start button, then you will click on All Programs, your eyes must first look and search for your program icon, then you must click on it and only then it will be the program be launched. Using your mouse like this takes time. With a hotkey you simply press the key combination you have defined for your program and HotKeyz will launch it immediately!

The following commands are available at your finger tips: execute files / folders / programs, open a calendar, change case of selected text, start a countdown timer that can shutdown your PC, with minimal keystrokes execute any shortcut or file with keystroke launching, login to websites / programs, macro recording and playback, execute multiple commands with only one hotkey, paste text or the current date / time into any control, remap your keyboard, show / hide HotKeyz, open any Control Panel item, show / hide your desktop icons or your taskbar, open my computer / recycle bin, empty your recycle bin without opening it, close / maximize / minimize / hide / unhide / set stay on top any program window, compose a new e-mail even if your email program is closed, dialup connect / disconnect, launch any website in internet explorer / firefox, lock your workstation, switch your monitor off, start your screensaver, change your desktop wallpaper, open / close your cd / dvd drives, logoff / shutdown / power down / restart your PC, change your PC's volume up / down / mute, change the volume balance left / right, sound commands have an onscreen volume display.

To make things even easier you can categorize all your hotkeys. You can also preview and then print all your hotkeys to have a hard copy as a quick reference guide.

Scared you might press a hotkey that will shutdown your computer by mistake? HotKeyz will display a confirmation dialog where you can cancel the command or let it be executed.

HotKeyz is a portable application and can be installed on any portable device like a USB Flash Drive.

HotKeyz will change your everyday PC experience!


Main Featues:

* HotKeyz is a portable application and can be installed on any portable device like a USB Flash Drive!
* Disable the standard windows hotkeys like Win+R and re-assign other hotkeys and commands to them
* Execute multiple commands with one hotkey
* Execute shortcuts, files and open folders with keystroke launching
* Calendar for quickly viewing dates instead of double clicking on tray time
* Categorize all your hotkeys!
* HotKeyz assigns icons to every hotkey
* Paste text into any windows edit box
* Paste the Date, Time or Internet Time with / without additional text into any edit box
* Change the case of the selected text to lowercase, UPPERCASE, Title Case, Sentence case & tOGGLE cASE
* Launch program files, folders, documents, pictures, MP3's or play lists
* Launch your web browser and surf to a site
* Start a dos window in a specified directory
* Launch all windows in a Normal, Minimized, Maximized or Hidden state
* Toggle confirmation to execute specified hotkeys
* Execute Delay By time (HH:MM:SS)
* Close, kill, minimize, maximize, restore, HIDE, set to stay on top or not the active windows on your desktop
* Use the HIDE desktop window to de-clutter your taskbar.
* Right click on the tray icon or press a hotkey to UNHIDE hidden windows
* Or select a window to unhide from a pick list
* With a hotkey you can position the desktop window to the following screen areas: Bottom Left, Bottom Right, Left, Full Screen, Right, Top Left, Top, Top Right
* Open the Recycle Bin, Control Panel, My Computer, Task Manager
* Empty the Recycle Bin
* Randomly change your desktop wallpaper or change it back to the previous wallpaper
* Shutdown, Logoff, Power Off or Reboot your computer
* Reboot and Hibernate
* Reboot and Standby / Sleep
* Connect and disconnect your Internet Dial-up
* Hide HotKeyz to the system tray
* The HotKeyz tray icon changes to indicate a hotkey being executed
* Open and close your media drives. Eject other media like your zip drive
* Remotely control WinAmp. Like pausing a song when WinAmp doesn't have focus.
* Launch your default e-mail to compose a new email
* Start your windows screen saver
* Hide your Taskbar or Desktop or un-hide them
* Remap most of the keyboard keys to different keyboard keys
* Record and playback simple macros
* Login into your favorite website or program using a hotkey
* Or choose from a list of programs / website to login to
* Copy a URL to the clipboard and then launch your browser to that URL
* Countdown Timer with loop, stay on top, shutdown PC
* HotKeyz supports the WIN, CTRL, ALT & SHIFT modifier keys and most other keyboard keys
* Print preview and then print all your hotkeys
* Set the windows sound volume up or down or the balance from left to right
* On screen volume display
* Switch your monitor off into power save mode
* Swap mouse buttons with a hotkey
* Auto Correct mistyped words or expand words using acronyms
* Not all commands need hotkeys
* Drag and drop commands on a category to change it's category.