How can i view things on my Zgemma H5.2s on other devices - Openwebif/mobdr???


Hi everyone, ive just purchased a Zgemma H5.2s box, ive heard i can type in an IP address of the box and view my shows on other devices, i'm a total newbie however and have no idea how to set this up, any help??




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Go on your box.
Menu > Plugins > OpenwebIf
ensure that you have it enabled.

right now get your IP of the box
Menu > Information > Network get your IP.

Go to your web browser (firefox Chrome IE Edge Etc.)

type the IP into the URL Bar.

this will load up openwebif interface.

the default landing page you will see is the bouquets
Simply open the bouquet you want (find the channel and click this icon here:


I would recommend downloading VLC player on your pc and laptop to stream the m3u files (what it will download when you click on the icon)
Also I would recommend streaming from a hard wired device, (wireless can be a little laggy)

Also some supplies don't like you doing this as it might affect the traffic. If you have 2 tuners & your line is multi room then you'll be okay :)