Android how/can to recover contacts after factory reset on alcatel pop 4 phone


hi all are there any good downloads that I can download to try and recover deleted contacts on a alacatel pop 4 ..lost most of my contacts after a factory reset by mistake ..didn't loose them all as it saved approx. 20% on phone ..anyone help


Is the phone not syncing all contacts with your gmail account , I assume you set it up that way originally ?
tried all sorts of things harlequin ..don't no what settings were on it when I got it was brand new tho not used ..I tried to clear some memory and free up some space ..I done a factory reset by mistake ...all I do no is that I must of had about 3 to 4 hundred contacts on it ..but it only states that I have 109 now did start to download contacts I think but it stopped on 18% for some reason ..I left it down loading overnight and it was still on 18% when I got up ..I then turned phone off and re started it to see if it would complete the down load but it only has the 109 contacts now ..lost loads of work contacts ..I have tried looking at my gmail account but I am uncertain were to look on it ..not very savvy with anything technical ..


Not sure which android o/s version you have , BUT , if you try the following

pull down from top of screen.
press cogwheel ( that should get you in to settings )
i have a tab marked general ( lollypop version of android ) , select it.
If you click accounts it should show what accounts if any are on the phone.
It should have your google account ..... If not i would add it.
I would also set up wifi on the phone to allow faster download of apps and contacts etc.
It should then download all the contacts in your gmail account , including the peoples names and phone numbers.


Its not necessary that after doing factory reset, the data is completely removed from phone. Several times, some data still remains in the phone and you have a chance to get them back, So here also implies the same when you lose your contacts. You can recover contacts after factory reset on Android mobile phones. For that, you have to use a recovery program like Android Data Recovery. Without professional recovery program, it is impossible to get back deleted contacts. So without any worry, you should use this powerful tool and easily restore the erased data from Android.


Easiest way to see if they're backed up is to go to: Sign in - Google Accounts
That is what is syncing with your phone.

To make sure everything is syncing, go into Settings -> Users & Accounts, click on your google account and click Account Sync. It'll list everything that can be synced. Make sure your contacts are syncing.

I'd say if they're not on Sign in - Google Accounts then you've probably lost them tbh.