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How good are smart watches?


think to yourself mate, am i going to use this smart watch for all of its capabilities? if not, then there is no point in buying it lol. I would't by a smart watch because i dont need one and i just wouldnt even use it half of the time lol.


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For me, they're a waste, just an extension of your phone - another thing to be charged every day or two.
Basically, they tell you that you have received a text, email,Facebook message, or whatever - for me that's what the alert tones do.
Some allow you to answer a call, but surely that is what your phone is for?
If they were independent of your phone, I could see the point, but they have to connect to your phone and you have to have both with you.

Do I sound like a cynic? I'm not normally, but on this one, I am!


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so basically they are a useless toy?
no real point in having one until they become completely independent of your mobile


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Guilty as charged for owning one.
It sits in my bedside draw..

Smart watch does everything your phone does...just strap your phone to your arm instead, job done :grin:
Me phone is bigger than my arms

I do arm curls with the phone strapped to my arm.. it's all it's good freezes more than iptv.
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bit late to this thread, the wife bought me a Samsung gear 3 frontier, at first it was great, looked good, change faces etc, then i thought , why do i need to know how many hours i slept last night? then i had the always on face set, battery run down, so i put it on to gesture( it lights up when i turned my wrist ) kept coming on while driving when turning a corner , very distracting as i thought i had a message or something , so i turned the display off so i had to press a button to see the time ., i thought , hold on a sec!! i had a watch like that when i was about 13 ( im 56 now) black screen press & get the time in red , going back in time here lol , so just took it back, sometimes technology just aint what it seems


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daughter and son both have samsung smart watches and phones and can even pay bills just by using the watch at check out think she was showing off


It depends on how much you care about your money.

For me it is totally not worth of it.

  • Battery life is a pain for all of smart watches. Cannot imagine that you need to charge it nearly everyday.
  • It is expensive. The money you spend on Apple Watch can buy you a nice automatic watch, which can last all over your life while the former may not last for 3 years.
  • The technology and the ecosystem are not completed on smart watch.
If you really want to buy a smart watch, better wait for at least one or two years when the product is more mature.


I used to have a Pop Swatch, then the first Pebble watch, now I use the Pebble Time steel. When I first got it five years ago (Around the time Apple watch was announced) battery life was about 2 weeks, it's now down to about 10 days. The display is always on and it updates the screen every five mins as that's all I need.
It receives texts and whatsapp messages so I don't have to pull out my phone and use its screen each time I get one of those, so the phone battery lasts a little longer. I also use it to control music playing on the phone if I'm using headphones. Lastly it has a pedometer so my phone can keep a log of my steps.
Unfortunately fitbit bought and shelved Pebble so software support is now limited to enthusiasts and hardware support is gone. When it dies there is nothing to compare so maybe I'll go back to the Pop Swatch.
My point is the tech is there already but the people still making them don't really know what to do with them which is a shame.