How good are smart watches?

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think to yourself mate, am i going to use this smart watch for all of its capabilities? if not, then there is no point in buying it lol. I would't by a smart watch because i dont need one and i just wouldnt even use it half of the time lol.


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For me, they're a waste, just an extension of your phone - another thing to be charged every day or two.
Basically, they tell you that you have received a text, email,Facebook message, or whatever - for me that's what the alert tones do.
Some allow you to answer a call, but surely that is what your phone is for?
If they were independent of your phone, I could see the point, but they have to connect to your phone and you have to have both with you.

Do I sound like a cynic? I'm not normally, but on this one, I am!


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so basically they are a useless toy?
no real point in having one until they become completely independent of your mobile


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Guilty as charged for owning one.
It sits in my bedside draw..

Smart watch does everything your phone does...just strap your phone to your arm instead, job done :grin:
Me phone is bigger than my arms

I do arm curls with the phone strapped to my arm.. it's all it's good freezes more than iptv.
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bit late to this thread, the wife bought me a Samsung gear 3 frontier, at first it was great, looked good, change faces etc, then i thought , why do i need to know how many hours i slept last night? then i had the always on face set, battery run down, so i put it on to gesture( it lights up when i turned my wrist ) kept coming on while driving when turning a corner , very distracting as i thought i had a message or something , so i turned the display off so i had to press a button to see the time ., i thought , hold on a sec!! i had a watch like that when i was about 13 ( im 56 now) black screen press & get the time in red , going back in time here lol , so just took it back, sometimes technology just aint what it seems


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daughter and son both have samsung smart watches and phones and can even pay bills just by using the watch at check out think she was showing off