How to back your nand



Cut all files from you sd and store on pc for later
once you have files on sd
*put it in Wii
*click sd menu
*load hackmii
*install hbc
*install dvdx
*install bootmii as boot2 (if you can)
*install bootmii as iso
*goto hbc press home on the Wii remote launch bootmii

*you will have 4 icons


Use the power/reset/eject buttons to navigate the Bootmii menu

select settings

on the next page select back up to sd


The back up takes about 10 mins and its normal to have a few bad blocks

Put the SD card into PC and copy the NAND backup somewhere safe, you can now delete it from your card. If you installed Bootmii as boot2 then also copy the Bootmii folder to your PC .

Now copy the original files back to sd