How To Corsa Pedal Test and Fault Codes List


This tutorial will tell you simply how to check any fault codes logged in your car, in a cheap cost effective way without the hassle of paying a garage £50 for a diagnostic check

No specialist tools are needed, only 2 working feet are required, 30 seconds of your time and pen & paper to write down the codes


Get inside your vehicle a firmly place yourself in your seat. Once in, press both the accelerate and brake pedal together


With both pedals pressed, put your key in the ignition and turn it to position 2, which is the position that switches all auxilary heating on but not the engine


Once done, the spanner light will start flashing

if it flashes 10 times it means the number is '0' and any other flashes corresponds to a number with a pause between each number

for example code P0110
the light will flash ten times then pause (2sec Or 1 not sure) flash once, (2sec pause) flash once, (2 sec pause) then flash ten times

if you have more than one code it will stop for a break between each code

however if you don’t have any code stored it will start Flashing and keeps on flashing until you release the pedals

If you follow the above steps you are certain to find codes without ever having to plug an OBD equipment

Code list is here