how to keep plex on now tv box


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Dont lose PLEX on a NOWTV box! enter this code on remote: Home (x5) Fast Forward Play Rewind Play Fast Forward & disable network pings


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I checked mine and it's still on there... looked in settings and it said last checked for updates today but it was last updated 4th March.

It says i'm running version 7.0 * build 9620 ... is it gonna be just a matter of time?

My brother who lives near me said Plex on both of his NowTV boxes wiped today but he had both his boxes logged into a NowTV account and I don't - would this make a difference I wonder.


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No m8, its dead & buried, sly remove the developer section from the box, so there's no way to sideload plex back on to it.. i had 2 boxes, both wiped clean of plex????