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How To Open Your Xbox 360 Harddrive


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This is a guide on how to open your Xbox 360 harddrive courtesy of

Tutorial written by : XanTium
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What you need:
* TORX #6 screwdriver
* TORX #10 screwdriver
* Knowlegde that this will break your warranty

Remove the Xbox360 Harddrive-bay from you console (simply press the button).
On the back you'll find 4 TORX#6 screws (red circles below) ... one of them is behind the microsoft logo-sticker ... so opening your harddisk will break your warranty on the Xbox 360 HDD-bay.

Below you see an image of a TORX #6 screwdriver (left) and the HDD-bay with all screws removed (right).

Once the screws are removed, you can remove the top and you'll get something like shown below.

If you try to remove the top, some (3) parts might fall (the mechanism to lock/unlock the HDD-bay on your Xbox 360 console). Just make sure you don't lose these parts, if they fall apart the pictures below will show you how to re-assemble it.

4 more screws to remove, this time they a are TORX#10. Remove all 4 screws shown in red circles below.

On the left you see an images of a TORX#10 screwdriver, on the right images of what you get after removing the 4 screws and taking off the metal casing.

Now unplug the SATA data+power connector like shown below:

You can now slide the hdd out of the HDD-bay. You'll need to bend the case down or push the HDD upwards so it can pass.

Your Xbox 360 2.5" harddrive is fully removed.

The Xbox 360 Harddisk is using standard SATA data and power cables, so you can easily connect it to any SATA controller (either on your motherboard (pretty much all new motherboards have SATA these days) or you can also buy a PCI/PCI-E addon card or even an SATA-to-IDE or SATA-to-USB adapter).

For power you'll need a PC PSU (power supply unit) with SATA power plugs or use a simply conveter that can convert normal PSU connectors to SATA connectors.

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any info on how to reintegrate a hard drive, as in a larger one, back to the 360? as the current price for the larger harddrive for the 360 is rediculous!!!


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ive heard it can be done, if it can i will as it is extorsion buying a 120g hd from xbox for so much and buying a 1 tb hard rive for a less amount! definately something wrong here!


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it can be done but it will only accept a select few Hard drives, and unfourtanlly it can still be no bigger than 120gb. :( I will look for a guide for you.