How to password protect the MediaPortal plugin on Zgemma H.2S?

Hi there. I have been searching lots of the threads in vain for an answer to this question. I have, since December last, had a H2S Zgemma. The image I loaded onto it came with some plugins. The IPTV is great! I would like to know how to password protect access to these plugins, especially how do you password protect access to the MediaPortal plugin. As I said i've searched the TK threads and also youtube to now avail. I'd really appreciate it of someone could share how to solve this. Thanks.


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You could set up the parental controls and block access to the plugin browser
Menu/setup/parental control/ protect screens set to yes then turn whatever you want on.
Default code is all the zeros

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Well did you get anywhere with this?
Always nice to see a reply as to whether this helped or not?



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Hi matieboy, I was away for the weekend and only got a chance to do it just now. It works great. Your instructions were good. Thanks for the instructions, and both IPTV and MediaPortal are both now pin protected.