HP Ipaq Pocket Pc Prem w/outlook 2002


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A friend of mine has one of these and has today removed the battery to replace with a new one.

sounds straight forward enough but when she switched it back on all her appointments and such were missing and not too be found. No back up performed either :(

ive done a small bit of reading up on this problem but havent found that much to aid an answer.

has anyone else any ideas about these devices as i have no exp in them at all. im hoping to get it from her tomorrow to have a stab at it so any ideas fling them at me please.

there is a small amount of memory still in use by the device but it may just be system items and programs but then if they are still there and being used by the same memory, why is everything else missing?

look forward to any replies thanks


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Just did some research on your problem also axxxo,you have probably come across this in your search but ill post it anyway

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Q . Can I maintain a wireless connection while I change the removable battery?
A . No. When swapping batteries, the connection and any unsaved data will be lost. The Back Up battery will not maintain the wireless connection or any unsaved data.

Q . What is the Back Up battery for and how long will it last?
A . The Back Up battery is not used to power the device. This internal battery is only intended to maintain stored memory during a battery swap of the main removable battery. The Back Up battery will last up to 10 minutes. If the Back Up battery is depleted and a main battery is not being used, the device will perform a hard reset and data that is in RAM will be lost.


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thanks moh, saw that myself last night on the Hp site, surely the device doesnt have to be in a constant state of power to store information though? its such a simple thing though that it probably is true!
also, the bit about the back up battery being depleted, should this not charge as the mains battery is being charged? as i said before though i know nothing about these (and dont really want too cos i hate them :) ) but i am going to tell her that its a lost cause and bin it!
everywhere ive read about this particular model is bad news, even people that have performed back ups have lost their data!
anyone here from HP for a fist wagging? :)


I've got an old iPaq lying in a drawer that suffers from the same issue.

Apparently there's an updated ROM about somewhere that fixes the issue, but I'm buggered if I can find anywhere that still carries it. :/