HP ZBook 15u G6 15.6" FHD Touchscreen Mobile Workstation i7 or MacBook Pro with touch pad 2019


Hi all

My laptop has died. I had a HP Pavillion from 2014 which has an i5 processor. Anyway, I'm looking to upgrade for something reliable, durable and capable.

My main use for the PC is going to be for university work. Ideally I want something with 5+ hrs battery life and can run multiple programs at once. I'll be doing word processing, web browsing, emails, statistical analysis etc etc

I was set on the idea of getting a Mac book Pro 13" Touch pad. Then in work a colleague shouted "No! Do not fall into the apple ecosystem...it's not worth the money!" And then he introduced me to the HP zbook. Now I am unsure on what to get.

Windows annoys me with the constant updates. Infact I think one of the latest updates have caused me to have problems with my now dead laptop. The ridiculous amount of software with crap I don't need. The positives from W10 is that I am use to it although I do not like the interface. System crashes is another pet hate.

The Mac has its negatives and that is need to learn about a new OS. If I don't know how to fix or do something then I'm going to have to learn how to do it. Does Apple still do that "update" so you have no discs left on your SSD do have to upgrade or change it? The lack of customisation is about annoying but I don't think it is such a big deal. Then of course, is it compatible with Android phones? I have recently discovered that I can send links to and from laptops and mobile phones.

The positives with Mac book is that they seem straight forward to use. They have a 'clean' operating system. The design looks good and is functional - don't have to work about things breaking easily.

Which one do you think would be best or do you have any better recommendations?


Both windows and osx have built-in obsolescence, both want to lure you into a walled garden, and both will have software packaged that you would not want or find desirable.
In the interests of full disclosure, I am a free software die-hard and therefore as a result find that GNU-Linux is the only option for me. Personally I have always found a fully acceptable range of FOSS tools and applications for all the tasks and jobs that I personally wish to accomplish. Having said that I do accept that some people seem to find that there are better tools for them that are only available on either windows or osx, in which case I would simply suggest that you always have the option of running a virtual machine in order to accommodate.