I Am Alive, but my pal Ghost Recon and I won't arrive until April 2010 (at least)


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by Ludwig Kietzmann { 2 hours ago }


My eager and regularly disappointed followers,

I am saddened to announce that I, your infrequently detailed yet conceptually interesting first-person survival game, have yet again been rendered tardy in my arrival. Though uncertainty has clouded my being since the day of my first exposure to the harsh and unnecessarily snarky world, know that I Am Alive and in the care of Ubisoft until the beginning of the 2010 fiscal year. Please expect me at some time between April 2010 and March 2011.

Oh, and if you don't mind, I'm bringing my shy friend along -- just call him Ghost Recon 4 for now. I'm sure you'll find his company just as exciting, even if I leave the room and create one of those awkward friend-of-a-friend silences. Is it weird that I'm worried that you'll like him more than you'll like me?

Yours in perpetuity,
I Am Alive

From - Joystiq [Xbox]