i.Saw the USB Chainsaw


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Never before has a chainsaw been made available in such a compact and mobile form. Measuring no larger than the size of a regular computer keyboard, every effort has been made to ensure that proper grip – and safety – is not compromised.

Instant plug `n` play. Zero startup time. Patent-pending technology allows for an unparalleled distribution of power. A first in its class. Works on PC, Mac and most USB-enabled devices.


Current materials used on bodies of chainsaws are too heavy for office use. Lighter materials, however, could cause the vertical axis of the guide bar to shift when pressure is applied onto the saw chain. Research and development introduced several innovations to offer an optimal blend of tough plastic and lightweight alloy.

Cut through different types of wood as you would with a full-sized electric chainsaw. Saw chain (included) delivers fast cutting speed with good efficiency. i.Saw guide bar is also compatible with most third-party saw chains.


Watch The Demo

Note: The Demo is in Flv format & will play using VLC or similar​



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More like an Office Romance Gman....!ROFL

Reckon the Shredder could be a "Black and Decker Pecker Wrecker".!........ROFL