Import Taxes In Ireland


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This is probably going to be a short thread but the information below could save you some money plus make you more knowledgeable with regards to import taxes here in Ireland.As i work as a courier i constantly deal with people that are not aware of import taxes so when i arrive at someone's door with an invoice in hand people are not happy but they are unaware of the below points.

1. Shipments sent from outside the EU may be liable for Customs Duty, Excise Duty and VAT.

2. Goods are liable to VAT at the same rate as applies to the sale within the State of similar goods - usually 21.5%.

3. Gifts from one private individual to another up to the value of €45 and commercial shipments up to €22 are usually exempt from VAT. Import Duty is generally applied when the value of the contents exceeds €150. In all cases if the shipment is a gift then the accompanying proforma invoice should clearly state 'Gift' along with the usual details.

4. When people order on line from a non EU country you are liable for import taxes if you exceed the value of €45.

5. Lots of people tend to think that when they do the final checkout that they have paid for everything but unfortunately couriers like me arrive at your door looking for import charges and you not only pay for taxes on the item but you also pay taxes for the shipping of the item plus you pay the courier company for administration fees plus tax on that,so the item you purchased may not be the bargain you initially thought.

6. At your own risk you could ask the shipper to show a lower value of goods on the proforma invoice i usually ask the shipper to put a value of €35 on it it which will cancel out all the charges on point 5 above but if the item cost lets say €200 you will only receive €35 when you make a claim if the item gets lost.

7. If you order from the states lets say, get the item sent as a gift with a value of $5 for customs this will also exempt you from point 5 above.

8. I purchase allot of products from and i always ask the shipper to put a lower value on the invoice otherwise i wont buy from the shipper if he/she refuses but i do find that allot of shippers from the states will comply with this.

So on a final note please be aware of buying from a non EU country and i hope i have helped you save some money on future purchases.


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unfortunately, liberal, socialist style government's have never seen a tax they did not like, nor any government.




Good man themoh i get a lot from fleebay and hear about these stories. am I in correct in thinking that the states are the worst for this .


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Good man themoh i get a lot from fleebay and hear about these stories. am I in correct in thinking that the states are the worst for this .

hi thetom it may seem that the states are the worse but their not as people generally tend to purchase from there, all non EU countries will ship items and know too well that you will most likely have to pay import taxes but of course most of them wont tell you this when buying from their site.i would suggest that if your importing something that you ask for the price on the invoice be lowered below the threshold for this country.alot of them in my experience will comply with this request.