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Impressions: Inside an Army of Two: The 40th Day weapons cache


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by James Ransom-Wiley { 14 hours ago }

Much like our initial reaction to Army of Two: The 40th Day, we were constantly impressed during a behind-closed-doors demonstration of the game at E3 this week. While much of the demo, overseen by executive producer Reid Schneider and creative director Alex Hutchinson, was a rehash of the finer points covered in our earlier preview, we did get a closer look at a new element, which we think illustrates a key dynamic of the more -- potentially -- humanistic sequel.

EA Montreal is giving you (and your partner) "opportunities to express who you are in this environment," explains Hutchinson. More specifically, the game's environment (Shanghai in the midst of a violent invasion) is one in which everything goes horribly wrong and the "core story is about saving yourselves." So, what means will justify that end? The choices become yours. Enter: The weapon locker.

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