Installing Desktop Memory Modules


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Installing Desktop Memory Modules

Locating the Memory Module Slots


Examine the motherboard to locate the memory module slots. If the module slots are located under a power supply or drive, it may be necessary to remove additional parts to access the slots to install the memory modules.

Insert the Memory Module


To insert the memory module into the slot, align the memory module above the slot and make sure that the notch in the memory module is in the correct position. When the module is properly align, gently press down on both sides of the memory module downward into the slot. It should click into place and may push the clamps into place.

Note: If this is a memory upgrade and a memory module needs to be replaced, simply reverse steps 4 and 5 to properly remove a module prior to installing the new module.

Secure the Memory Modules


In order to properly fasten the memory modules the motherboard, two clamps exist on either side of the memory slot. Typically when a memory module is inserted, these clamps will partially close on the memory module. Close the clamps full to securely fasten the module to the motherboard.

Close up the Computer Case


At this point the memory modules are now properly installed into the computer system. It is now time to close up the case prior to powering the system up. Replace the panel or cover to the computer case. Be sure to fasten the cover or panel to the case with the screws that were previously removed......:)
Excellent info Moh.No nothing about inside of unit on PC.Things seem to be ok,
but if something goes wrong.The help on here is awesome.Thanks Moh(y)
I might be getting a 1 GB ram stick soon, currently working on 256mb ram lol. Everything is fine, have automatic updates disabled and i manually do the updates once every 2 weeks or so. My uncle has XP installed on his system and has 512mb of ram, i find that his laptop loads up faster than mine, so im guessing a 1gb upgrade will suprise me alot? :)
it will to an extent dan, but im guessin your comp maybe 6 years old roughly? maybe time for a complete computer upgrade, no offence but memory will only do so much, cpu is the heart that pumps info to the rest of the body so to speak :)your cpu is probably running around 8000mhz whereas todays cheapest models are running around 1.6 ghz if you catch my drift

ps, always hang onto the old machine if you do get a new one!