Intel Atom N450: Launch Details


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Intel Atom N450: Launch Details

Posted: 16 Oct 2009 03:20 AM PDT

Intel Atom N450: Launch Details

Back in July we briefly spoke about Intel’s Atom processors planned for a 2010 release, at the time details were quite vague, however we are now hearing more information regarding Intel’s launch of their Atom N450 processor.

It seems that the N450 is still set for its Q1 2010 launch, according to a recent article on SlashGear it looks like the official launch date will be January 3rd.

The Intel Atom N450 will run at 1.66GHz, it integrates both the graphics and memory controller making it a perfect candidate for netbooks and nettops, especially when taking into account power consumption.

When the chip launches it is expected to sell at approximately $64 when purchased in bulk, to find out more on the upcoming Atom chip check out SlashGear’s article here.

Intel Atom N450 poised for January 3rd 2010 launch - SlashGear