ip address unconfirmed ??

hi just turned zgemma box on and tested internet connection as ppv channels black screen .. done network test lan connection and ip address says unconfirmed and nameserver unconfirmed . bt hub is used with Ethernet cable .was working fine last night when we turned tv off .. any help would be appreciated .thanks in advance


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it says active now and router seems to be picked up kodi back working etc . but my ppv channel screen is black ive messaged person ive purchased from and he says hes doing updates and should be back online in hour . I'm not very savvy with the zgemma so bear with please.ive gone intosoftcam panel when I check it says cam1 active mgcamd_1.38r1 active is this correct as if is I will just wait now until the updates and checks are complete with line ..thanks again


Sounds like your provider knows of the problem, just wait and see if your line comes back on in an hour or two. Your cam panel info seems OK.


I had this on my son's box and for some reason I moved the box to another connection and it all came back?