iPhone 7 plus


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Hi my wee lad has inherited an iPhone 7 plus.. I know fa about apple.. but I know it's formatted has no other accounts on it.

When I try and register him an apple account, I get right through till the verification I get the email and when I punch in the number I get this messageIMG_20190825_205912.jpg

Anyone have any idea what I can do here to sort it?


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You could always see if a phone shop could reflash it for you mate my lad got iPhone 7 never had that problem have you spoke to person who you got it off and tried with his details


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@ bazza
sod the phone shop

put phone in recovery mode and restore firmware via itunes and then set up phone as new

once done if you get any issue report back here

ive been in the phone game for last 12 years.. had fone shop in past also.. so please dont hesitate to ask me if u need help


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Instead of getting verification sent by email
Click send by text then don’t press anything
It should automatically put the code in for you then go to next step

But obviously make sure you sim is inserted first


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Done all the googling etc.. not much help...I put it down to the phone being a fecking apple.. so I used my trusty android device to sign up an apple account and can you imagine it fecking worked :LOL:.

Then after getting it sorted I seen the device requires a software update so maybe this is why I was getting trouble, I'm not sure, but I got it going anyway.

As always thanks for the quick replies and suggestions.


Phones are a funny thing with people, i have apple , and i would not change, my brother is samsung he would not change..Update was a good idea nobody said, good its fixed..


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Not enough app freedom on the iPhone in my opinion, especially when I like farting about with IPTV apps, FTP software etc. But each to there own lol.

Just glad the things working, can't be dealing with anymore tantrums