IPTV Bouquet Maker Problem


I have this set up on h2h and it keeps sticking, nothing to do with proivder/source as ok on firestick (open atv 6.1). I have tried various issue such as disbale/enable all iptv, disable, disable picons, disable vod, simple mode etc. Always to the same effect, works for 5 mins or so then starst hanging up every 2-3 minutes. I then went to a backup image i put on a friends box of open atv 6.1 wooshubuild. I backed this onto mine, ftp the config then edit in notepad++. When i do this it works fine until I either run the plugin to update the channels or the box automtically updates the bouqets as set up in the configuration. Then im back to square one with stopping and starting every 2-3 mins. In the etc/enigma2 folder i have tv files for bouqets. Any one able to shed any light on where the conflict or how to solve this?


In the var etc i the files below


Config xml