IPTV EPG and Echanneliser


Hopefully someone can help with my problem. I have had to change the user name and password on a bouquet of IPTV streams, but the IP address is unchanged. To do this quickly, I exported the bouquet to an m3u file, opened it in notepad, and did a Find, Replace All of the username and password. Then saved it and reimported it, after deleting the original bouquet. This created a new bouquet with the same name as the old one, the same channels, and all the xmltv epg ids. The channels all play. However, when I have written the channels to my stb and run epgimport, the bouquet is not populated. I assume this is a mapping problem. I was hoping to avoid re-assigning the epg ids as there are a lot of channels. I use the Rytec epg files. Is there a way to achieve what I am trying to do? Thank you. I have tried to raise a ticket with Echanneliser, but received a server error 400. Thnk you.