Iptv - no valid links game of thrones

Hi all, as above i keep getting errors on the game of thrones box set that there are no valid links. Anybody know what thats about? Ive tired it in a few different apps such as folmtopia and watchseries but there all the same. Also the second season of narcos has no subtitles.
Any help would be much appreciated.


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When I downloaded Narcos 2 it had three subtitle settings

Subtitles for all Audio, Non at all or Subtitles for only the foreign language.

I had to keep hitting the subtitle button to scroll through the settings.

Sorry don't watch game of thrones, so can't help with that one lol


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Season 6 episode 1 and 7 both played for me,
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You have got it to auto check for update.



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Watchseries seems to have lost the plot at the minute. I'm sure it will be back soon tho

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Gorilla links on IPTV are up the wall at the moment.
Scroll down and try vidz.tv as they normally work ok.