IPTV Request thread November 2019

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Rules for this thread -

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  • Post what you require, be it a Football only, Movies only, or all channels servers.
  • State if you require region specific servers
  • State what type of device you want it for - mag box, enigma 2, android box (KODI or Via IPTV App.)
  • State if it is for smart IPTV for apps on TV
  • You can request information in this thread to be given via pm (private Message) only.
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  • Do not post " PM Sent, Empty your inbox, etc" the only posts are to be requests, nothing else.

We back No One!!!
Ask any potential provider to give you a written guarantee that the service will run on any build as it would seem that certain builds are blocking any external iptv service not provided by them.
If a provider states you need to use a certain build only then avoid them and please report this to the MODS so we can stamp this practise out.
We Strongly advise you not to pay for services by Paypal friends and Family, or by bank transfer, there is absolutely no come back on these two methods.
Please don't take advice from "Zero posters" or "members" who haven't been on the forum for long. These users could be anyone! STAY CLEAR!
I would listen to First Of All (no guarantee from TK) - VIP members. These members have been here a long time and contributed no end. We pick these by hand and not on "payments" like other Forums. You can not buy VIP here!
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We give you the Tools BUT use your Common Sense.
Please remember to empty your inbox if you are expecting replies from this thread.
Please be realistic in your expectations - Most people on here are resellers - that does not make them bad people, just means they are not the top of the totem pole.
Be ultra careful in view of recent events from taking services from new members or those with limited posts !!


Hi. Looking for a sub with the following if possible for Mag322 as my old one done a runner.

-UK Sly channels
-USA entertainment (not a biggie)
-Usual sports channels
-Rangers TV

It would be great to have proper channel numbering like my last sub, as opposed to 8 BBC 1 channels next to each other.

Kind regards



Looking for IPTV service
UK Sky channels movies, entertainment etc
BT Sports
Sky Sports
Kids Channels
Pref something I can edit channel / bouquet list via xstream as usually thate are too many channels offered including tonns of non-English
Would like a trial first
Using ZGemma h2d


Looking for a new service, using an Firestick 4K...

UK Channels
US Channels
European Channels

Let me know.


Hi looking for a service with quality UK channels plus 3pm kickoffs. Preferably no vpn required and Paypal accepted. Must Have a working EPG.
UK Entertainment
Sky Movies
Sky Sports
BT Sports
Premier Sports
Racing Tv
Boxing PPV
Will be using Nvidia Shield and Fire stick 4k


Good evening. I'm looking for a quality service on a enigma2 box running openatv 6.3 with wooshbuild infinity. Looking for the following if possible:-

Sly sports
Sly movies
BT sport
3pm kick offs
Boxing ppv
UK channels


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Wanting to try a test using a zgemma box, I have used xtream editor in the past, but willing to try other plug in suggestions.


Looking for UK Sky sub with all sports, PPV & VOD content

Android box (formuler, so need to have good EPG that works with MyTvOnline)

Trial first please.


I'm looking for a service for my Formuler F1 box. Looking for UK Sky Sports, BT Sports, PPV and 3pm matches. I'm also hoping that the service can be used on my laptop and android phone too. (Though only ever one at a time).


Looking for IPTV service
UK Sky channels movies, entertainment etc
BT Sports
Sky Sports
Kids Channels
Vod not compulsory but nice if available
Using nvidia shield
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