WooshBuild IPTV series link recording wooshbuild


I have a Zgemma H7s with Wooshbuild installed and skywb skin with thanks to Techkings forums, All working great with 7day epg channels good, I have echannelizer on my pc and have used that to get the 7 day epg.
The only problem I need to fix now is to get the series link working. I have read various answers from forums but still cant get it to work, some people say it cant be done ,yet some people get it working.
When I click epg i scroll to the program I want to series link and press blue button to series link then green to confirm . after a few seconds an information page comes up saying "found a total of 0 matching events" . Im not sure but have I missed a setting somewhere?
is series link and auto timer the same thing?

any help to point me in right direction would be greatfull.
Thank you


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I've never seen it done with iptv but on c/s you used to be able too on the other forums is their a guide on how to do it