IPTV Server Request Thread - November/ December/ January 2020/21

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Rules for this thread -

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  • Post what you require, be it a Football only, Movies only, or all channels servers.
  • State if you require region specific servers
  • State what type of device you want it for - mag box, enigma 2, android box (KODI or Via IPTV App.)
  • State if it is for smart IPTV for apps on TV
  • You can request information in this thread to be given via pm (private Message) only.
  • Do not click the "Like" or "thanks" buttons to draw attention to the fact that you are selling lines.
  • Do not discuss ANYTHING in this thread - it is a REQUEST thread only SO ASK ONLY.
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  • If you wish to sell IPTV servers on TechKings, you may answer any request from a member by PM ONLY!!
  • Do not post " PM Sent, Empty your inbox, etc" the only posts are to be requests, nothing else.
We back No One!!!
Ask any potential provider to give you a written guarantee that the service will run on any build as it would seem that certain builds are blocking any external iptv service not provided by them.
If a provider states you need to use a certain build only then avoid them and please report this to the MODS so we can stamp this practise out.
We Strongly advise you not to pay for services by Paypal friends and Family, or by bank transfer, there is absolutely no come back on these two methods.
Please don't take advice from "Zero posters" or "members" who haven't been on the forum for long. These users could be anyone! STAY CLEAR!
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Please remember to empty your inbox if you are expecting replies from this thread.
Please be realistic in your expectations - Most people on here are resellers - that does not make them bad people, just means they are not the top of the totem pole.
99% of Providers are Resellers so don't bother stating "NO RESELLERS" as Server Owners use resellers to promote their service !!
Be ultra careful in view of recent events from taking services from new members or those with limited posts !!


im looking for a good iptv supply for uk channels including all live football including ppv football and 3pm kicks offs,
i need a reliable service that is not getting blocks or frezzes during the football kick off times,
i am using iptv smarters on my firestick and have a expressvpn installed.

IPTV Package for myself and some friends and family.
Mac based if possible as mixture of smart stb app, mags and firesticks.
Full UK Package
Live Footy
No blocks and have vpn their end. No freezing



Im looking for a IPTV Package for myself inicially then some friends and family.
To run on samsung iptv and firesticks.
Monthly/6/12 costs

Full UK Package
Live Footy
No blocks and have vpn their end. No freezing


Looking for IPTV package

Only request is UK sports, anything else a bonus

Running on Windows laptop, not interested in bluestacks, happy to use web player

Please reply by PM with prices


Hi I am looking for a iptv package to use with a firestick
I also have a Samsung smart TV
Full UK package
Catch up
No freezing or dropping off


Looking for a trial for iptv on android mobile, must have access to EFL games will purchase if trial is good


Looking for reasonable price all UKTV and ppv for Android , only used as second box, trial first please thanks



I am looking for a new IPTV provider but would insist on 24 hr trial to start with today.

zgemma & Extreme editor setup

full HD and HD sports channels inc BEIN/Sky/BT supersport etc MUTV
need PPV for boxing live ppv events etc
sky channels and good selection of movies / USA channels etc documentries and VOD , 24 / 7 channels and
essential that you have a good solid stream for live sport
using nord VPN so must be also okay with this


Hi everyone, looking for a really good VOD package( movies etc). I'm using a 4k firestick. Really want one with a load of 4k movies and constant updates with actual new movies lol. Let me know please :)


I am looking for IPTV for zgemma H9s, recently been using Jedimaker,
Need all football, 3pms, Astro, Bein, as many links as possible, PPV a must, xxx also, VOD and TV Series wanted, not fussed about foreign channels, UK, USA, are fine,
Want a trusted server as I would want it for around 8 boxes if a decent price,
Have vpn, just want someone to contact if any issues and a service that Does NOT keep freezing,


Hi -

my yearly sub is up at the end of Nov.
I have a great sub With great service and no blocks and would need one that is as good as my current one else I’m staying
My current provider may not do yearly subs cos of potential EPL blocks So hence the request.

My Boxes / Apps
enigma2 - Jedi plug-in
Firestick - TiviMate
ipad - iptv Smarters.

need a reliable Yearly sub With no blocks etc Want to try b4 my sub is up.
A Sub with 4-5 connections kids, wife, multi room or working away from home.
watch 3 or 4 games On a Saturday ! at once on TiviMate
usual stuff -
Movie channels
sat football, epl, efl,
good VOD selection
Catchup on the Apps or Jedi.
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