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hi all. Just bought a zgemma h2.s to move away from sly, so from my reading it has wb 5 on it or the latest whoosh build anyway.

My new zgemma is currently connected to the internet via an Ethernet cable to the existing sky wi-fi dongle (I will be changing ISP's soon and have already ordered a USB wi-fi access point/dongle for my zgemma. ) I see a green light under network connections so assume its all good. I didn't get asked to enter any security for my router so this must actually reside in part on the Sky dongle.

But.... I have a query re the quality of an IPTV feed.

I have Netflix which is paid for at the moment. When I watch it on my TV it is great quality, however when I looked at the same series through the zgemma IPTV plugin, the quality was dire. So, is it a matter of a slow internet connection or is that the plugin is only pulling the netflix material through the satellite and possibly a very picture from that? I mean, it can't be the network speed as the TV gets the same feed through Wi-Fi.

  • Can I check if the plugin gets the stream via the satellite?
  • Can I check where my poor quality lies and how do I improve this?
I understand I can't get my Sly HD channels, or can i? (I'll live with that, just...) but I really cannot deal with a slow ghosting stream

I am trying to understand how the wi fi and the satellite work with each other. Any and all help appreciated. Thank you


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If it's off the IPTV plugin it's nothing to do with Netflix. It'll be pulling the material from what some people refer to as a "dodgy website", and the quality of the picture I imagine will depend on the quality of the copy that link has stored.

The satellite is nothing to do with the IPTV plugin.


Just to add, on the IPTV player plugin it generally shows you what the picture quality of the movie/tv show you are about to watch is i.e. 480p; 720p etc.


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Thanks for that. Can you point me in the direction of a guide on how to add lines once i find them. Also is there any way to get sky hd channels even if through subscription? Simple yes or no then ill post in the line required section if need be. Cheers

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