IPTV via Extreme editor locking up satellite channels


I appreciate I may well be in the wrong forum however I am using the Extreme editor to get my IPTV on my H2S box. The provider advises that I should Not add the satellite channels to my setup however as theres a known problem where satellite and iptv conflict and lock the box up, this is non box specific. Is there any fix for this as its a major problem for me not being able to access the standard freeview channels through satellite.


yes you should be able to run both dont think extreme editor is your prob more like provider might be wrong


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No Issues doing this, Works Perfectly if you can get it Setup correct and Nice layout


lost my multi room on smart tv,but h2s box works fine, how do i get it bk i use xtreme editor and willo build, my supplier not getting bk to me and its been over 3 weeks
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