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The iptv will run fine till a EPL or ECL football match is on, then all channels could go black.

Router is a) more expensive b) more complicated to set up

Firestick a) easy to setup b) has dedicated vpn apps c) means you're not tied to the limited iptv apps available on your smart tv d) cheap as chips

Sometimes because people have a tv that can run iptv, they think they must use it for iptv. Don't make life more difficult for yourself by thinking like that.

so if I dont watch sport vpn not necessary needed ?


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If a service is blocked when football is on, then in most cases EVERY channel will go black for the duration of the block, even the non-sport ones.
Not always the case as only 3 servers can be blocked so they tend to go for vod and sports servers now days hence the super block.
Its only when they have your ip address (server owners) then they will block it all there is a theory the UK server companies are working with the powers that be to get servers shutdown/blocked then released by 10am the following morning to repeat the process.
so if I dont watch sport vpn not necessary needed ?
Sometimes yes you will need a vpn if your provider dosnt have a work round then vpn will be needed.
The isp providers are following the spikes in end users traffic at particular times of days (weekend) mainly