Is it gone for good?


Hi just like the other guys questions what next I don't have an option for cable because not in my town and I am just starting to hear about iptv my provider mentioned it but I never looked into it further yet.
So is it still a waiting game for sly, it has all went quiet and nothing is coming out is the oscam team working on a solution or have we lost it for good or am I asking questions that no one knows and it is just down to waiting, only asking because guys on here are still asking about builds or is that just guys that have cable and are not effected any info on my questions much appreciated thanks.


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All the information that has been made public is on the site
So have a search for the latest info
I had an Openbox but fell victim like everyone else. I'm not tech minded but I bought a Minix box coz it's really fast and got a subscription for iptv very easy to install.if you need any help pm me.

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Hi siilver so if i do a general search in this section then I can get some info is that correct?
Thanks Skippy not looked in to iptv yet how much was your box?a friend mentioned sports nation the other day as well so that's an option and with your kind of box that would be good also I do have a little Android box an m8s+ but probably not that fast for streaming as I said not looked into iptv yet but I'm guessing an Android box is in the same catagory as iptv.
I did ask a question on the kodi section but not had a reply yet but the one thing I can say is I have always had someone on here willing to help out so thanks guys.