is this a false positive or a trojan???


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Evening all,
I have downloaded Power CD+G burner 1.4.6 + keygen..rar from megaupload

My AVG full edition is going ballistic when I unzip it, I presume it is because of the keygen, I wonder if anyone would be so good as to either download it and see what their antivirus says, Or alternately If they know of a safe version i would be most appreciative.
I would go ahead, but I have just formatted the laptop and re-installed XP pro, and it would be a shame to mess it up so soon lol
also is there any way for me to be more sure whether these are false positives or if they are real Trojans?


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Shows up as a trjoan generic 10 q x t.

Looks like it's real trojan and not just a false positive. Get rid of it.

EDIT: doing some looking around, this looks like it shows up with this download quite frequently. Makes me wonder if someone is circulating the same upload to different sites, or if it is indeed a false positive. Looks like a real trojan to me though.
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