Windows Vista Is this spyware on my pc


Hi all can someone help me ? i was on my football forum last night on i got a pop up saying this
bsod dllregisterserve faild with the error code 0x80040201

widows defender error code 0x80073afc
0x000000ce driver unload without cancelling pending operation
error code 0x800705b4 when starting windows defender
windows defender time out error code 0x800705b4
error code 0x800705b4 when trying to open windows defender

And there is a message box saying javascript alert a suspicious connection was trying to access you logins banking details and and tracking your internet activity and you hard disc may have trajon viruses dont try to fix this manually please visit you widows service center or call 44- 800-048-8494.

Any advice would be most greatfull



This is a "Fake Alert" to induce the victim to click on pop up and will be installed a malicious program.
Use the Kaspersky Free Scan Tool (Download/Install):
Don't worry, it's a free and secure tool to remove malicious programs.



Nah, viruses and spyware is all a myth - people panic way to much over nothing. Ive nothing on my system, havnt in last 5 years and get nothing, i just reformat each month.


Hi, Agreed with all the posts, this is a scam , you have been infected by malware so as stated in other posts, malware bytes is good , rk killer is another one, CCcleaner after you have ran all malware removed all programs, this will delete any cookies etc on the pc , make sure you reboot the pc after all that,

Main this to remember DO NOT HAVE TWO ANTI VIRUS PROGRAMS RUNNING ON THE SAME MACHINE, this will really mess with you pc speed etc.

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You reformat each month, what are you reformatting as a matter of interest??

Virues and malware are in no way a myth, it depends on what sites you are using and programs etc that are being downloaded to pc's , pen drives can have virues on them which get passed from machine to machine, can be an issue in the likes of schools etc. So to say their is no such thing as virues is totally wrong , just ask Iran, nearly had meltdown from a virues planned onto their systems,