Issue with STBEmu on going - any help please


Hi All,

My STBemu app keeps refusing to play a lot of content from my supplier.
I've tried loads of different versions, cleared cache, changed players etc etc

The really strange thing if i use smarters app then the content is fine!

Soon as i try stbemu say Racing UK just black screen, then over to smarters it plays instantly !

I have quite a few mates on this stbemu and server said i cant change them to smarters as it is line based and not mac based ?

So wondering if this is a server issue or the bloody app - cant see how server issue though if fine on smarters and smart iptv ?
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maybe you dont have multiroom on that sub ,need to disable your sub on smarters then try on stb emu


no as 2 different accounts ?
One is mac based (stb) the other m3u (smarters) so not that ?
Certainly is something on the stb side as also notice if i leave for around 5 min on racing uk on stb it does eventually start to work ?
As i say i have tried everything but to avail !

is there any other apps that use mac numbers that can then be transferred from stb to a different app ?
The server clearly states they will not change mac numbers on account